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If you live in East Texas, you know the oil field business can boom or bust. When it’s booming and workers are needed, finding warm bodies and getting them on the job site is often considered more important than proper training. Poorly trained oilfield workers put themselves and their coworkers at risk of serious oilfield injury. Even with training, complex equipment, long hours and the unpredictable nature of the work cause countless oilfield injuries in East Texas every year.

Oil Field Injury

Falls, explosions, exposure to toxic chemicals—these types of injuries can leave a person permanently disabled and unable to earn a living to support their family. The Law Office of Keith Miller is dedicated to helping injured oilfield workers receive the compensation they need to get on with life. But, pursuing compensation for oil field accidents is difficult. Thanks to current Texas laws, oilfield employers are almost always protected by workers' compensation insurance, which means you may have to prove a third party is to blame for your injuries. If you can do so, the likelihood of more financial reparation for your medical bills and lost wages is much better.

Keith Miller is up for the fight.

Keith Miller has lived and worked in East Texas for more than 40 years. He knows the ins and outs of the oilfield industry. We will examine the evidence in your case aggressively and thoroughly to determine who is to blame and then build a case to get you the compensation you deserve.

If you’ve suffered an injury in the oilfield, we’re here to help. Contact the Law Office of Keith Miller today.

Oil Field Injury Accidents

Important Things to Know

If you’re injured in the oilfield there is an opportunity to seek compensation. Follow these tips:

  • Seek medical attention fast. No matter what anyone tells you, get fully checked out in the emergency room or see your family physician.
  • Call an experienced oilfield lawyer.
  • Notify your supervisor and follow other company policies regarding worksite accidents.
  • Document and photograph as much as possible about your accident. This includes contact info for any witnesses.
  • Don’t provide statements without speaking to your attorney first.

Keith Miller

Before becoming an accident attorney, Keith held many hourly jobs. He understands how a family can be impacted when the breadwinner is injured.

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