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  • Keith Miller Approach

Our Approach:

Looking Out For You

We advertise so people will know who to call after a car wreck. There's no time for research - you need to act quickly. After the police leave the scene, or even while they're there, the first call you should make and the first person you should speak with is your lawyer - not your insurance company. Any information you provide can be used to weaken your case later. Know who to call and make the call.

Transparency, Not Intimidation

When you walk into our office, you'll see everything and everyone. We offer free, in-person initial consultations whether you hire us for your case or not. Why? Because we care about the outcome of your case. There are things you need to understand about your rights. You also need to know what you can, should and shouldn't do—things that will help you win. All of our clients have one continuous point of contact and we are diligent about keeping our clients informed.

Personal Injuries Deserve Personal Service

In our office, everything and everyone is here to help you because we believe in personal service. What our clients are going through may be one of the most serious events of their life, so taking care of our clients is not just a morning meeting or an item on our to-do list, it's the very important and meaningful work we have all chosen to do.

Car Accidents

Car wrecks happen. Don’t let what happens after one hurt you even more.

Truck Accidents

Accidents with 18-wheelers are serious business and you need a serious personal injury attorney to help.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are dangerous and can cause a lot of harm. We’re here to help and protect injured riders.

Oil Field Injury

Oil field injuries affect many East Texans. If you’re one of them, we are the law firm that’s on your side.

My highest priority is to help accident injury victims get what they need and deserve from insurance companies. – Keith Miller